The first things you should clarify on what you want to do, and further we can assist with anything you do want to do!

What is the thing which you want to create?
a bowl, a teacup, a dish or a cup? Or is it a bottle or a sake bottle? What size does it have, is it a pot or a vase? Or maybe its even an art project you want to fulfill out of clay?  

does your creation desire producing original works , making your experience and the pieces unique?

Please challenge the thing which you want to do from the beginning, to have an aim. Towards an aim, the each person's passion that I want to help with a technique of the ceramic art and let you make it all the way through until you finalise it.

Our curriculum of teachers is so versatile, we can help with every level of experience in different types of classes.

Here is our basic policy.
I learn, and I use it and learn, and so the circle closes with beautiful pieces as a result, to then make it again….

come join us, and let your life be brightened up by ceramics too.

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