What is the thing which you want to make?
Is it a bowl?
Is it a teacup?
Is it a dish and a mug cup?
Or is it taking a swig at a bottle and a sake bottle?
Wanting to be you is big; an earthenware pot and a vase,
Is it an art object? 

Creation desire to want to produce original works only for you who have only one in this world….
The platinum ceramic art lesson affects "which wants to make your such".

Please challenge the thing which even the first person wants to make from a beginning suddenly.

Therefore the curriculum adjusts it to participating everybody and makes it. 

Towards an aim, the each person's passion that I want to make raises a technique of the ceramic art and lets you polish it.

Here is our basic policy.
I learn, and I use it and learn, and a wound makes it again….

Do you not add joy called the ceramic art that a human being brought about in your life from today?

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