Yukiko Osaki’s Introductory Ceramic Art ~28 Practice of the electric wheel –

Hello everyone (^ ^) ♪ It is Osaki of shirokane ceramic art school.Today, when I was walking down the road from Hiroo station to the classroom, I found “spring” ♪


Being shining in the blue sky and beautiful anything … (^ 0 ^) ♪

I have had ceramics for over a year for the first time.

I think that I want to go back to beginner and practice the comprehension this time.

It is not possible to draw a still well potter’s wheel, it has struggled every time.

So, we have to be asked to teach the basics of the potter’s wheel once again to the teacher.


We start from where you put kneaded the clay to the potter’s wheel.


I tried creating a bowl.

tyawann 2

It may be slightly thicker …


Besides teacup and so create …

IMG_5598 - コピー

Cut it in half to check thickness and uniformity!

I checked the cross section.

I got an OK from my teacher for this bowl (^ ^) /You can see your bad habits by looking at the cross section.

I am aware that clay tends to remain in the rising part from the bottomI understand.

Things that you do not notice when you are creating a work, by looking at the cross sectionI found out.

We will continue to practice not only works but also regularlyI feel that it is important.

Why do not you all start making ceramics?First of all, from one day trial!


Application from here >>



Trial session summary

■ Fee: 3,800 yen (only for the first time) + ※ Work burning expenses
■ Production time:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
① 10: 30 ~ 12: 00
② 14: 00 ~ 15: 30
③ 16: 30 ~ 18: 00
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
① 10: 30 ~ 12: 00
② 14: 00 ~ 15: 30
③ 16: 30 ~ 18: 00
④ 18: 00 – 19: 30

■ Closed holiday: Wednesday (If it is a national holiday, also open on Wednesday)
■ Number of productions: Produce as many as you can in time
■ Work size: Freedom
■ belongings: none (aprons are available for free use)

※ Work burning fee is the electricity cost generated when burning the work in the kiln.
It becomes volume (vertical cm × width × height cm) × 1.5 yen.
(We will calculate the height of the dish from 4 cm if less than 4 cm.)

[For example]
Work size For cups of 7 cm in length × 7 cm in width × 10 cm in height · · · 690 yen
Work size In the case of rice bowl with vertical 12 cm × horizontal 12 cm × height 7 cm · · 1,410 yen

Application from here >>

Please come and join us for a pottery experience ♪

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