Ceramics Introduction of Yukiko Osaki ~ ㉗ wood-fired kiln string making ~

Hello everyone. It is Osaki in platinum pottery class (^ ^)

The city is full of Christmas illumination,

How is everyone going?

This time it looks like I made a dish made of cord burned with wood kiln.

“I want to make a dish dish!”

I told my teacher a vague image of myself,

“It’s okay to make it by making strings!”

I got the advice from the teacher and is the first challenge to make strings (^ ^) /


First we will make the bottom part.

I cut the shape with my favorite size & shape.


Next, I will make a string, but this is quite difficult … (^ ^;)

It does not stretch to the same thickness · It becomes flat like a sinister · It puts out too much and it cuts · · ·

Why is the teacher making it very easy? Is it? Is it? It is a feeling.


But … … I managed to learn how to do it somehow while making as many books ♪

People are creatures that can be learned and learned no matter how many people ~ (^ ^)


himoWrap it in a wet cloth so that it will not dry when making some.

It seems that it is rolling the toggle … (^ ^;)

himo maku

I will paint the dough and bond the strings.

It is like touching with the fingers and overlapping on the top of the gruel.

himo maki3


It is going to be just right if you roll it one more!

utigawa hera

I will do it with a spatula if it is reasonable in size.


Turn it over and complete it.

Afterwards unglazed after drying.


And bring this work to Mashiko and bake it in a firewood kiln!

kannsei 1

kannsei 2

Completion It is! (^ 0 ^) /

Although a little distortion comes out, I wonder if it will become taste again ^ ^) ♪

Finished in j works of my favorite I am satisfied!

The kiln placement of the firewood kiln at Mashiko was a very valuable experience.

The feeling of excitement and excitement when the work comes out of the kiln! It is!

I also would like to participate next year ♪

Why do not you all start making ceramics?

First of all, from one day experience!

Application from here >>

Experience summary

■ Fee: 3,800 yen (only for the first time) + ※ burning cost
■ Production time:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
① 10: 30 ~ 12: 00
② 14: 00 ~ 15: 30
③ 16: 30 ~ 18: 00
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
① 10: 30 ~ 12: 00
② 14: 00 ~ 15: 30
③ 16: 30 ~ 18: 00
④ 18: 00 ~ 19: 30

■ Closed holiday: Wednesday (also on Wednesday if it is a national holiday)
■ Number of productions: Produce as many as you can in time
■ Work size: Freedom
■ belongings: none (aprons are available for free use)

※ Work burning fee is the electricity cost generated when burning a work in the kiln.
It becomes a volume (length cm × width × height cm) × 1.5 yen.
(We will calculate the height of the dish from 4 cm if less than 4 cm.)

[For example]
Work size In the case of a cup of length 7 cm × width 7 cm × height 10 cm · · · 690 yen
Work size In case of rice bowl with vertical 12 cm × horizontal 12 cm × height 7 cm · · 1,410 yen

Application from here >>

Please come and visit the ceramics experience by all means ♪

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